A concussion is a result of a brain injury that can cause problems with balance, coordination and concentration. The long-term effects of concussion, especially multiple concussions, may include epilepsy or memory loss. Contact sports, falls and other accidents can injure the brain and produce symptoms such as lack of energy, unsteadiness, loss of consciousness, seizures, confusion, vomiting and changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Our physicians can provide assessment and cognitive testing to determine the severity of a concussion and the most appropriate treatment plan.

A representative from Bon Secours Neuroscience Institute and Sports Medicine joins Governor McAuliffe for the signing of House Bill 1096, which requires the Department of Education to develop and distribute guidelines to schools that inform and educate coaches, student-athletes and parents about the dangers of concussions. Pictured with Governor McAuliffe, in the back row, fourth from the left, is a member of Bon Secours Sports Medicine staff, Michael Puglia.