Memory decline has many causes, including vascular disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions. Dementia typically starts out slowly and can gradually worsen over time. Symptoms can vary greatly, but often include significant impairment of at least two core brain functions such as memory, communication/speech, vision, reasoning and the ability to pay attention. With help and early diagnosis by our experts at the Bon Secours Neuroscience Institute, patients with dementia can get the treatment they need to help delay problems with memory or thinking.

Early diagnosis of dementia
At Bon Secours, we take an innovative approach to diagnosing and treating early-onset dementia. Our leading neuropsychologists evaluate patients to determine why a problem exists and helps them, their families and their treatment providers better understand how issues involving the brain and body impact one’s thinking, memory, attention, concentration, judgment, mood, behavior and day-to-day functioning. Integrating neuropsychology with the comprehensive neurosciences team allows physicians to identify problems that may have been missed elsewhere and begin treatment at an earlier onset. The Bon Secours team can also track the progression of dementia and determine the effectiveness of treatment. Our goal is to help patients enjoy life as fully as possible.