Stroke Care Procedures

When you or your loved ones suffer a stroke, Bon Secours specialists are able to employ a number of procedures to deal with clots, blood flow to the brain and restoration of independence.

Intravenous thrombolytic therapy

The latest clot-busting medications, delivered through an IV.

Intra-arterial thrombolytic therapy

Medications delivered directly to the clot in patients with blood vessel blockage.

Clot retrieval

Isolation and removal of the clot causing blockage in the vessel to the brain.


Surgical treatment for vascular lesions, intra-cranial bleeding, intra-cranial aneurysm, subdural hematoma and brain tumor.

Endovascular carotid stents

Surgical placement of tubes which can open blocked arteries leading to the brain.

Endovascular closure

Surgical closing of an opening in the upper chambers of the heart (Patent Foramen Ovale/PFO).

Rehabilitation: In-patient and out-patient services

Dedicated rehab services provided at Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital.