Preparing for Your Visit with Our Sleep Specialist

Preparing for your visit with the sleep medicine specialist is like most other specialist visits.

You may refer yourself for a consult (if authorization/referral is not required from your insurance). Or, your primary care or another specialist, such as cardiologist, neurologist, or even dentist, may refer you. The appointments are held in the sleep center, so you will have the opportunity to tour a room if the doctor orders a sleep study.

The doctor will review your medical history and ask about symptoms you may be having. He or she will identify risk factors for a sleep disorder and discuss diagnostic and treatment options with you. Many sleep disorders require a sleep study for diagnosis.

If your appointment is made far enough in advance, the doctor may want you to bring a one- to two-week sleep diary with you. Please also bring a complete list of any medications, vitamins and any over-the-counter supplements you may be taking, even if you do not take them daily.

The appointment typically lasts approximately 15-30 minutes.

Should you require a sleep study, the staff can schedule this with you before you leave the sleep center.