Making the Nutrition Connection

In order to be truly successful in your long-term weight loss and weight maintenance goals, you need to understand what you’re eating and why it’s good for you. Education is a key ingredient in the Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute Medically Supervised Plan.

Separating Fact from Fiction

Our plan is based on scientific evidence, not marketing or promotional hype. Bon Secours physicians have reviewed this plan and will monitor you and your healthy weight loss while you’re on it. While you’re on the plan, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance where you’ll:

  • Develop strategies for dining out
  • Learn to make nutritious choices that are both satisfying and healthy

Healthy Eating for Life

Once you’ve reached your goal weight, Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute ensures that you’re prepared to face your future well-armed with the skills you need to maintain the success you’ve experienced. While you’re in the program and under our care, you’ll learn healthy eating habits for life.

  • Learn to identify food behaviors that hinder successful weight management
  • Learn how to modify your favorite recipes into healthy choices
  • Develop healthy eating habits that will help you stay on track

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle! With the right support and guidance, weight loss can be an incredibly empowering and uplifting experience. Contact us today at 804-287-4528 and let us show you how to change your relationship with food for the better!