The mission, vision and values of Bon Secours Health System compel its leadership to become involved in advocacy for just and humane public policy. The organization’s commitment to advocacy is framed by the Catholic social tradition. Bon Secours health System seeks to leverage its size, diversity and resources to act on behalf of the most vulnerable and to achieve it vision of building healthy communities.

With strong commitment to advocacy, building on the rich and deep traditions of the Sisters of Bon Secours, Bon Secours Health System seeks to be an influential leader in the transformation of the nation’s health care system and unjust societal structures.

Local Advocacy

As a ministry of the Church, Catholic health care providers have a strong commitment to being a voice for the voiceless.  The elderly we serve are an important, special needs population whose voice must be heard as they are often the ones most affected by budget cuts and scaled down services.  

At Bon Secours St. Petersburg we actively engage in the political process on behalf of those for whom we care and those with whom we care.  All legislation that affects abundance of life for seniors in our community ultimately affects the lives of caregivers.  We recognize the need to leverage the power of our residents, our employees and all people of faith and goodwill to speak loudly on behalf of justice for seniors.  The decline in resources allocated to the care of those most  vulnerable must always be met with constructive opposition if we are to fulfill our mission to be Good Help To Those in Need.®  

To raise your voice, please visit the following web sites: