#NotJustANurse: Taylor Shaffer

Monday, November 26, 2018


Taylor Shaffer, Bon Secours Health System Nurse

At Bon Secours, nurses are not just nurses. They are advocates. They are your friends, neighbors, and relatives. They are dedicated, kind, tender, sincere, and sympathetic. We’ve highlighted some of our nurses in this series of blog posts, to show that they are #NotJustANurse.

Taylor wanted to “meet a person's needs in a holistic sense: physically and tangibly, but also spiritually and emotionally.” Nursing was the profession that would allow her the space to do so. She says that “nurses have the privilege of walking through illnesses, birth, and death amongst many other circumstances” with patients and their families, and she values being a “compassionate advocate and partner” for individuals in those life-altering situations.  She came to Bon Secours because nursing is prioritized and is seen as a ministry worthy of focus within our system.

She appreciates how nursing is a trusted profession, and how patients react positively when a nurse walks into the room. Taylor says “It is so rewarding to be the individual who gets to listen to [the patient’s] concerns and show them they are loved and cared for” and to be “the hands and feet of Christ in my workplace”.

Patients should know that nurses “still have their backs…We chose this because we want to be there with you. We chose this because you are worth it.”

To find out more information on how you can become part of the Bon Secours family as a nurse visit Careers at Bon Secours.

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