Tell us about the Center of Your Universe

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Universe of You

What means the world to you?

Take a moment to think about your life. What is most important to you? What always brightens your day?

For most people, this is a person. It could be a mother, father or a partner. It could also be a sibling or a long-time friend. And for many of us, we are the center of their universe as well.

At Bon Secours, we understand that every family is a universe. It is a network of people who love, support, and count on one other to be there. Therefore, our care extends to our patient’s families and into our communities to make lives better.

All of our patients are unique individuals, and we want to keep them healthy and strong for those they love. Help us celebrate these efforts by telling us about the most important person in your life.

Nominate the Center of Your Universe

Taking a moment to honor this person in your life can show them how much they mean and make their day.

Tell us about the center of your universe. Why are they so special? Why do they deserve the world? Visit our website and nominate the center of your universe.

After you’ve submitted your nomination, share it on your social media channels and visit our site daily to vote. The nomination with the most votes will win a wellness package!

Learn more about why Bon Secours is focused on health care for the universe of you.

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