#NotJustaNurse: Tiyana Thomas

Friday, October 5, 2018

Tiyana Thomas, RN, Bon Secours Health System

At Bon Secours, nurses are not just nurses. They are advocates. They are your friends, neighbors, and relatives. They are dedicated, kind, tender, sincere, and sympathetic. We’ve highlighted some of our nurses in this series of blog posts, to show that they are #NotJustANurse.

Tiyana became a nurse because of her mother, who cared for people around the community and passed that value on to Tiyana, who volunteered and women’s shelters, made clothes for homeless individuals, and volunteered at a local Catholic hospital when she was growing up. Tiyana says that “the moment I could understand what a nurse was I knew that a nurse was what I wanted to be.”

She joined the U.S. Army to serve the country and pay for college, but due to deployments and changing stations she was unable to complete nursing school. After she was discharged, she settled in Richmond and successfully completed nursing school. Bon Secours was the only place she wanted to work once she finished school as her values and the values of Bon Secours aligned, and Tiyana was inspired by the “rebellious” Sisters of Bon Secours taking care of ill people in their homes.

“The most rewarding part about being a nurse is impacting the lives of people who need you when they are at their most vulnerable,” Tiyana says. She wants people to know that nurses “are people too. We have families, kids with disabilities, dance class, husbands going back to school or furthering our own education. We have bills that pile up, grocery shop, and doctor appointments just like everyone else. We come to work with a promise to leave all of that at home, to care for you exactly where you are in life.

“Our position isn’t a job, it’s a passion. We may hold a straight face well, but our heart breaks with you when you get bad news. Nurses celebrate your successes, advocate for your needs, and we support your families. We’re here to care for you no matter our differences. Sometimes we have to give education that could be tough to hear but it is with our sincerest wish of your health and safety. We’re here to serve you as the person you are, every aspect of you. Nurses care, and we’re honored to care for you.”

To find out more information on how you can become part of the Bon Secours family as a nurse visit Careers at Bon Secours.