Community Commitment

Inspired by the example and tradition of the Sisters of Bon Secours, we strive to bring persons and communities to health and wholeness. In addition to providing health care services, we draw on our Catholic social justice tradition to contribute to the health of our communities, our nation and our world. Our tradition teaches us that each person is sacred and social. Based on this belief we are committed to fostering a dynamic and reflective organizational culture, and to decision-making based on our values and core commitments. We understand that to have a healthy community requires more than access to quality health care. The economic and political aspects of our society have an impact on how individuals grow and develop. Building a healthy community requires a systemic approach that addresses all basic human needs.

Community Involvement

Part of the Mission of Bon Secours is to bring health and wholeness to the communities we serve. To us, that means looking for ways to bring the St. Francis Mission to life, inspiring outreach to the community with focus on the poor, the underserved, and the dying. In addition to providing health care services, we draw on our Catholic social justice tradition to contribute to our Mission.

Many things must come together to create a healthy community, including access to quality health care, functional and affordable housing, education, employment, public safety, and recreational and cultural opportunities. Bon Secours St. Francis is developing long-term, collaborative relationships with the people who live and work in the communities we serve to improve the quality of life and health.

To us, this means looking beyond our walls and doing what we can to make our community a better and healthier place to live.  We serve as the hands and feet that bring our Mission to life as we inspire outreach and bring action to our communities. 

Our work falls primarily into four categories:

  • Improving Access to Health Care
  • Growing Healthy Relationships
  • Teaching Our Community
  • Sharing Our Gifts

From providing dental services to the underserved, to placing Faith Community Nurses in communities that need them most, to managing community gardens and working together to improve an entire local community, St. Francis is making real change for the better.

Download our Community Benefit Reports

 To learn more about our involvement in the Upstate South Carolina community, please call 864-675-4300.