Should you have a medical need after normal office hours, call 864-297-6010 and the answering service will contact the on-call MFM physician. If you have not heard back from a Milestone Family Medicine physician in 30 minutes, please call again, noting that you have not received a response so that we can be sure that we did not miss your call. Please have your pharmacy information available in case you need a prescription.

For minor injuries or illnesses after hours we recommend:

For after-hours emergencies, call 911 if your life is in danger. You can always notify us and the insurance companies later. 
A team of in-hospital specialists will admit and care for all our patients in the hospital. They communicate with us about admissions and discharges, sending us copies of notes, and they have access to our records. We can discuss questions with them, and we believe the patients benefit by having hospital specialists dedicated to their care available all the time.
Our building is handicap accessible. Special parking spots are available. We also have a wheelchair onsite if you need to borrow one while you are here for your visit.
All lab results are reviewed by the physician or nurse practitioner as soon as they are available, generally within 3-4 days after ordering. Abnormalities of major significance are reported by phone at that time. Normal lab results are usually communicated in writing. Please allow 2 weeks for normal results.  
If it has been two weeks since your lab test and you have not heard from us, please feel free to call our office. 
Fasting is required for certain tests such as blood sugar or cholesterol. We will always advise you of fasting requirements. We do not ask that patients with appointments after noon to fast. Additionally, if you have diabetes, we want you to fast only if an exam is before 10 a.m. The term fasting means no food 8 hours prior to your appointment. You may have water and/or black coffee (no sweeteners).
We want you always to take medicines before a visit, even if you are fasting. The exception is for diabetes. If you are fasting and have diabetes, do not take your blood sugar medicine. 
We like to know the names and doses of our patients' medicines. To be sure of your regimen, please bring all your medicine bottles - including medicines from other providers and non-prescription medications and supplements - to your visits.
We want to keep you satisfied as a patient. By presenting your card every visit, you can make sure that the information is still correct in the computer system before the claim is dropped to the insurance company. Getting a claim paid can be very difficult to resolve with incorrect billing information. Additionally, most businesses change insurance carriers yearly, and it is not always in January. Sometimes only the group number will change, and the remainder of the information will stay the same. Something this simple can cause a denial of your office claim. We want you to receive your insurance benefit.