Mammograms save lives. Early detection of breast cancer increases survival rates tremendously, and a mammogram is a simple, effective test that can find signs of breast cancer in its earliest stages.

A mammogram is essentially an x-ray image of the breast. It’s used to look for early signs of breast cancer that can be detected before a woman may notice changes on her own. Studies have shown that in some cases, mammograms have found suspicious masses up to three years before a woman would have been able feel them during a self-breast exam.

While experts differ on recommendations for when to start having mammograms and how often to have them, your doctor will have the best advice for you based on your family history and personal risk factors.

Bon Secours has everything you need for routine screening mammograms, as well as diagnostic mammograms and other types of breast imaging.

Mammography at Bon Secours

  • Fast and accurate readings. Many women can get an appointment within one week and are in and out in about 30 minutes. In many cases, results are available within xx business day/s.
  • Flexible hours. For your convenience, we offer early and late appointments – including weekends.
  • Latest technology. Our full field digital mammography technology delivers less radiation than traditional mammography machines, and allows easier interpretation by physicians. With this technology, mammogram images can be enhanced, enlarged and optimized for the most accurate readings. 3D mammography is available in some locations, as well as the ICAD ImageChecker, a computerized system that detects abnormal patterns that human eyes cannot.

What to Expect

On the Day of Your Appointment

  • Do not use any deodorant, powder, lotion, perfume, or oils on your upper body.
  • Wear a two-piece outfit for ease of changing.
  • Remove necklaces.
  • Bring your insurance card, photo ID, and previous mammogram films, if done at another facility. This will expedite the interpretation of your exam.

During the Exam

The mammogram machine will flatten the breast between two plates to get a top-to-bottom view of the tissue. It is then repeated to get a side-to-side view of each breast. You will feel pressure on your breast as it is squeezed by the compression paddle. The exam should take approximately 15 minutes.

After the Exam

A board-certified radiologist will interpret the results of your mammogram. You and your doctor will be notified of the results within xx days.

Schedule Your Mammogram

  • Two easy ways to schedule: online and by phone*
  • A doctor's order is not required for screening mammograms. However, we must have a referring doctor to send your results to for follow-up care if needed.
  • Please have your insurance and emergency contact information available before you schedule.

*If your mammogram is for diagnostic purposes, or one of the circumstances below, scheduling must be completed over the phone or by your doctor’s office:

  • Have a serious breast problem.
  • Are under the age of 35.
  • Have a personal history of breast cancer.
  • Are returning for the first mammogram after having breast surgery for any abnormal condition.
  • Are having a follow-up mammogram less than 12 months from your most recent normal mammogram.

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