Neonatal Care

St. Francis Eastside has a Level II Neonatal Care Unit (NCU) that provides care for full term and late pre-term babies who are at least 32 weeks and have a birth weight approaching 3.3 pounds.

Many of the infants in our Neonatal Care Unit are treated for difficulties breathing, feeding regulating body temperature. Our NCU is fully equipped to handle these difficulties, with treatments including:

We encourage parents with babies in the NCU to visit as much as possible. Our recently redesigned NCU has private room options, rather than the traditional open nursery, which lends itself to more intimate family bonding time. 

As part of our focus on family, the NCU also encourages “kangaroo care,” a therapy that uses skin-to-skin contact between the infant and parent to promote bonding and to help regulate baby’s breathing and heart rate.