Joint Replacement

Joint Camp is an award-winning program dedicated to the care of patients undergoing knee replacement and hip replacement surgery. Joint Camp includes comprehensive pre-operative education for the patient and their family, outstanding patient care, and physical and occupational therapy in an environment created to enhance faster healing and recovery.

Joint Camp patients attend “Joint Prehab” at St. Francis Eastside about three weeks before their surgery. Joint Camp Coaches are encouraged to attend. Coaches can be family members or friends who provide encouragement to the patient during their surgery journey. Prehab helps prepare patients for all aspects of their upcoming surgery and includes these components:

  • Physical Therapy
    We address limitations patients might have with their affected joint(s) and to look at other limitations that may affect recovery. The evaluation allows the physical therapist to design individualized functional treatment plans. The following may be assessed during the evaluation: joint flexibility, general mobility, strength, balance, gait, sensation, pre-morbid functional status, posture and core stability, muscle tone, and myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) restrictions and pain.
  • Respiratory Therapy
    Patients are evaluated by a respiratory therapist and are given instructions on using an Incentive Spirometer (lung exerciser) that they will take home. 
  • Prehab Class
    A physical therapist will discuss surgery preparation and expectations during a 20-minute class. Patients may also get to see a social worker who can help answer questions about discharge plans.
  • Pre-Operative Exercises
    Patients are taught exercises to do to help strengthen them in preparation for their surgery.
  • Preassessment Visit with Nurse
    Lab results are reviewed by nurse.

During the patient’s hospital stay, patients are cared for by a staff specializing in care of total joint replacement patients. All Joint Camp patients are admitted to the Joint Camp unit, located on the third floor of St. Francis Eastside. Patients will have individual physical and occupational therapy, and may attend group physical therapy as well. Patients receive a Joint Camp t-shirt and are encouraged to wear it during their stay.

Award-winning Joint Replacement Care

  • First in Upstate South Carolina to Receive Joint Commission Disease Specific Certification for Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement
    Joint Commission Disease Specific Re-certification for Knee Replacement & Hip Replacement (2015-2017)
  • Consumer Reports Highest Rated Hospitals for Knee Surgery (2014)
  • Consumer Reports Highest Rated Hospitals for Hip Surgery (2014)
  • Becker’s Hospital Review – 100 Hospitals with Great Orthopedic Programs (2015)

Hip and Knee Pain Seminars

Attend a FREE one-hour seminar with St. Francis and learn what you can do about knee or hip pain. Learn about some of the causes and latest treatments, including information about medications, nutrition, and exercise.