Sports Performance Enhancement

The St. Francis Sports Performance Enhancement program is designed to help athletes of all levels reach their maximum potential. With two distinct programs, our experts create individual training regimens to either boost performance or help you recover from an injury or surgery.

Sports Reconditioning

If you’ve experienced an injury or surgery that has limited your athletic ability, our experts will work to get you back to your personal best. If you are planning an elective surgery, we can work with you even before the procedure to develop an exercise program that will assist in your recovery and facilitate a quicker return to function.

Our medically-based reconditioning program includes a one-on-one initial consultation to determine your ability and goals. A sports medicine expert will create a reconditioning plan and share it with your doctor and physical therapist to ensure everyone is on the same page about your progress and plan.

Sports Performance Optimization

Athletes from all sports can benefit from our medically-based Performance Optimization program. The program begins with a pre-test to determine the baseline of ability. From there, our experts develop a physical therapy and personal training regimen to accomplish your athletic and fitness goals. You meet with your expert at pre-determined intervals to complete workouts and assess progress toward your goals.

Our strategies are designed to enhance skill development and execution, concentrating on conditioning, form and core stabilization so that the athlete can focus on skills and game strategy with their sports coach.


While each athlete receives an individualized program based on his or her goals, services can include:

  • Baseline ability test
  • Comprehensive Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Advanced Plyometrics
  • Resistance Training
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • Core Strengthening
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Motion Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Lift Tests
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Sports Massage
  • Physical Therapy
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Sports Nutrition Education

Motion Lab

Our program’s motion lab is designed to equipped with biomechanical analysis resources to evaluate athletic performance and injury risk. Although each analysis is specific to the athlete, the lab includes one of the Upstate’s only 3D motion analysis technology systems, force platforms, 2D video analysis, 16 channel electromyography for studying muscle activity and foot pressure mapping. This technology enables the sports professionals to evaluate range of motion, kinetics and muscle activity.

Our Team

Our programs are developed by experienced and certified strength and conditioning professionals, physical therapists and sports medicine physicians.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, simply give us a call at 864-400-3630 to schedule a consultation. No physician referral is needed to participate.