Back Injury Management

Our back injury management and prevention programs help patients increase strength, improve flexibility and aerobic endurance, and learn to prevent back injuries. For more information, call 864-255-1076.


The MedXis a computer-assisted tool that evaluates and strengthens lumbar extensor muscles. It is designed to stabilize the pelvis and standardize positioning of the upper body, thus allowing for more precise measurement and training of the smaller and weaker lumbar extensor muscles.

The Motion Analysis LiftTrak evaluates the patients ability to lift, and compares this capacity with the National Institute of Safety and Health guidelines. The analysis identifies energy expenditure levels, excessive strength demands and maximum lift capacity, allowing physicians to treat patients accordingly while addressing concerns about the capacity for work.

The Biodex, a computer-assisted tool, evaluates low back strength and mobility during rotation and flexion/extension. It measures range of motion, speed of movement, consistency of effort, and effort against resistance.