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Notice to patients with UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Bon Secours Health System has been engaged in good-faith discussions with UnitedHealthcare to renew our contracts. One contract—for Bon Secours St. Francis Physicians—ended as of 2/14/17 and we have not reached agreement with UnitedHealthcare on terms for a new contract.

We believe the relationship between a patient and a physician is built on trust, and we oppose any action by UnitedHealthcare that disrupts that relationship and potentially endangers the health and healing of patients.

What This Means for You

If you are a patient of a doctor who is part of the Bon Secours St. Francis Physicians Group, your visits will be considered ‘out-of-network’ by UnitedHealthcare until an agreement is reached. There may be special circumstances when a patient is under active treatment but you will need to call UnitedHealthcare to determine if you are eligible for special consideration.

If you are currently under active treatment with a Bon Secours St. Francis physician, you may be eligible to continue treatment for a period of time. You will need to contact UnitedHealthcare by calling the number on the back of your card, or at 866-633-2446 to discuss your options.

It’s important to note that our hospitals (St. Francis Downtown and St. Francis Eastside), hospital-based radiology, the radiation oncology service at St. Francis Cancer Center, and our AFC Urgent Care-Bon Secours locations remain in-network for UnitedHealthcare. In addition, patients with UnitedHealthcare can continue to use Bon Secours St. Francis Emergency Rooms for emergency care.


Over the past several years, Bon Secours has had minimal rate increases from UnitedHealthcare across many of our markets, demonstrating our commitment to keep healthcare costs low. In fact, Bon Secours St. Francis physicians have operated without any rate increase from UnitedHealthcare since early 2013.

As the community’s only faith-based healthcare system, we cannot accept rates that jeopardize our mission of caring for those who are most vulnerable and in need. We want nothing more than to reach a resolution with United. However, we cannot accept low reimbursement because it jeopardizes our ability to provide the high-quality care our hospitals and physicians have worked so hard to achieve.

When payments from insurance companies are too low, it impacts our ability to provide the new technology and services our patients and community deserve. We can no longer endure below-market increases from UnitedHealthcare.

What You Can Do

We urge you to contact UnitedHealthcare to share your frustrations and disappointment about maintaining your current physician. You pay too much in premiums to be restricted in where and from whom you receive care.

You can reach UnitedHealthcare at 866-633-2446, or by calling the number on the back of your UnitedHealthcare insurance card.

You may also reach out to them via social media if you prefer. Their Facebook account is: UnitedHealthcare Facebook  and their Twitter account is: United Healthcare Twitter

How to Learn More

We will continue to post updates on this web page as they become available.