Bariatric Procedures: Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap Band)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bon Secours does a variety of safe and popular bariatric weight loss surgery procedures. One of the most popular ones is the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, or lap band.

The lap band is a restrictive procedure, so your stomach is made smaller. Restrictive procedures make you feel full much more quickly and keep you feeling full longer. You don’t change how any of your organs are arranged, and there is no cutting or stapling of your organs. “I tell patients, think of it as a simple operation that really just takes your portion size down to where you need it to be,” says Dr. Anthony Terracina, a Bon Secours bariatric surgeon.

The surgery is done laparoscopically, or using minimally-invasive techniques that use several small incisions instead of one huge cut. An adjustable band made of silicon is placed around the top of the stomach and slowly adjusted smaller, to make the food go into the stomach at a slower pace.

Attached to the band is a tube that goes to a port on the inside wall of your abdomen. The port is under the skin, and while it can be felt if you try it cannot be seen. A salt solution is in the tube, and the doctor can add or remove the liquid via the port. Adding more liquid makes the band get thicker and cuts off more of your stomach, reducing the amount of your stomach available for food.

As you lose weight the band will need to be adjusted to continue to keep you feeling full early. There won’t be as much fat around your stomach, so the band will need to be regularly tightened. Regular follow-up care to have the band adjusted will need to be done, with appointments every month or on the schedule your doctor sets for you.

The lap band is the safest bariatric surgery available. It’s just as safe as a gallbladder removal, which is the most commonly-performed surgery in the United States. The lap band is also reversible – in the very unlikely event of a complication, the band and port can be removed since no permanent change has been made to your digestive system.

For an adjustable gastric band surgery, as with all bariatric surgeries, you will have extensive guidance on what you need to eat and what you cannot eat after the surgery. Follow all directions from your care team so that you will get the correct amount of nutrients and not disrupt your healing.

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