Health Fair Mobile Screenings

Health Fair Mobile Screening Bus

As part of our commitment to improve our community's health, we have partnered with HealthFair to bring convenient, affordable screenings to neighborhoods across Hampton Roads via mobile screening buses. HealthFair is Joint Commission-accredited and partners with high quality hospital and health systems throughout the nation. 

The mobile screening bus offers Hampton Roads residents low-cost tests to assess their risk for stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, heart attack and some cancers. Different packages are available depending on your individual needs.

Specially-trained staff perform each test. Board certified physicians review all results. After your tests, you will receive a personalized copy of your results in the mail or online through a secure portal. If you are at high risk, our staff will contact you to discuss your results and determine what steps you should take.  

You may be able to reimburse these tests through a health savings account. Insurance does not cover these screenings. Check with your insurance provider about reimbursement. 

Call 855-755-8378 to schedule your screening

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