Surgical Services

Bon Secours continues to be at the forefront of offering women the latest surgical techniques for reproductive health. Our highly skilled specialists rely on their expertise and compassionate understanding to provide women a comprehensive range of surgical care, which includes treatments for benign and cancerous conditions.

Advanced, minimally invasive technology

In addition to laparoscopy, Bon Secours surgeons also use the latest surgical innovation — the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System, a type of robotic-assisted surgery that makes surgery more precise with lower risks for infection and blood loss. Patients often recover quickly and have less scarring and post-operative pain. Surgeons use the da Vinci® System not only for cervical and endometrial cancers but also for benign conditions such as fibroid tumors and endometriosis. 

Surgical Treatments

Urinary Incontinence

Of the 13 million Americans who have some type of urinary incontinence, nearly 85 percent are women. Surgical treatments for urinary incontinence include Abbrevo & Prosima, cystoscopy, Burch urethrosplasty and several types of slingoplasty.

Pelvic Support Problems

Menopause, obesity, aging, previous surgeries and bearing children can all create pelvic support problems. Surgery can help women experiencing back pain, pelvic pressure and painful sex. Pelvic support surgeries include repairs, Apogee, Perigee, abdominal sacral colpoplexy, sacrospinous ligament suspension and Prolift procedure.

Treatment for Heavy Periods

Women today no longer need to suffer with heavy bleeding during their periods. Our surgeons provide a number of routine and advanced surgical treatments including dilation and curettage, several types of ablation procedures and hysterectomy. In many cases, surgeons can use minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgical techniques for hysterectomies.

Surgical Treatment Related to Cervical Cancer Screening

An abnormal Pap smear, which screens for cervical cancer, may warrant further testing and examination. Our specialists offer a comprehensive range of surgical procedures that range from biopsies, colposcopy and cryotherapy to cervical conization and electrocautery excision procedures. Additional gynecologic procedures include laser surgery, myomectomy to remove fibroids, minimally invasive pelvic and intrauterine surgery and reconstructive surgery.