Workplace Health

Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health system has provided high-quality health solutions for employers and workers for over 30 years. From worker's compensation to wellness support, from counseling to seminars in the workplace, we offer comprehensive services to improve employee health.

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OccuMed Occupational Health Services
The OccuMed program helps employers find wellness solutions to improve the health of their employees. Services include wellness seminars and information in the workplace, physical examinations and drug screenings. We can assist you in complying with OSHA and putting health and safety policies in place to match state and federal requirements. We also assist you in decreasing the chance of workplace injury and increase productivity.

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program is an employer-sponsored initiative focused on meeting employee's needs. We offer counseling to deal with stress, anger and other issues both in and out of the workplace. We also train supervisors and managers to identify problems in the workplace and handle them in a healthy way.

Workforce Health Services
Bon Secours Workplace Health Services is committed to helping workers in Hampton Roads use their health benefits wisely. We provide health coaching, screenings and seminars to improve employee health and wellness.