Diabetes and Wound Healing

When you have diabetes, your feet need extra care and attention. Diabetes can damage the nerve endings and blood vessels in a diabetic patient's feet, which makes patients less likely to notice a foot injury and much more likely to suffer a serious complication. Diabetes can also interfere with the body's ability to fight off infection, meaning that minor foot injuries can quickly become an ulcer or develop a life-threatening infection.

Treating these complex patients requires a multidisciplinary team committed to patient and family education. Patients with chronic conditions, like diabetes, are at high risk for hard-to-heal wounds or other skin disorders that require a wound specialist’s attention. With proper foot care, a wound care specialist can help you prevent diabetic foot ulcers or heal lower extremity wounds to avoid amputation.

Our experts have experience treating large numbers of diabetic patients and work closely with primary care physicians and other specialists in healing wounds as quickly and safely as possible. We help each patient take control of their disease.

Contact us if you are a diabetic patient experiencing:
  • A wound that persists for more than 30 days with standard wound treatment
  • A chronic wound and neuropathy
  • A chronic wound and hypoxia
  • A chronic wound with purulent drainage, surrounding inflammation, edema, exposed bone or joint, or deep abscesses