King a Game Changer

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jim King, 60, was 54 when he first experienced right knee pain. Within a couple of years, the pain was in both knees. “It was a combination of my basketball years and osteoarthritis,” King said. “It was hard and painful to just walk around.”

In 2017, King had a partial right knee replacement followed by rehabilitation with both taking place at different non-OLBH facilities. “The therapy there was okay, but I was still experiencing pain and stiffness when my sessions completed,” King said. He also was still hurting in his left knee, so King began seeing OLBH medical staff member Jarrod Smith, M.D. The orthopedic surgeon preferred a non-surgical approach for King, as opposed to the physician who had performed King’s partial knee and who wanted to do a total left knee replacement.

“Dr. Smith seemed to think I would be an excellent candidate for stem cell replacement along with a platelet rich plasma injection,” King said. King had the procedure in his left knee earlier this year to great success thanks, in part, to his therapy at OLBH’s Human Motion Vitality Center. “Primarily, I worked with Kyle Webb, PT, and Jasun Walker, PTA,” King said. “They were amazing. It was not patient/therapist but more like we built a relationship between us.”

The center had always been special to King as it is where he both met and later proposed to his wife, a former Vitality Center employee. It means even more now. “One almost has to experience it, to see how wonderful, patient and kind everyone is,” King said. “All of the therapists offer encouragement and praise for the smallest of accomplishments.”

King’s accomplishments are no longer small. This fall he ran the Tutu Trot 5K (in a kilt no less) and came away not only pain free but with first place honors in his age group. “It has been several years since my knees allowed me to run any kind of a race,” King said. “My knees did fantastic!”

King wanted to give back and knew the center could use additional Game Ready machines because of their popularity with patients. More than just an ice machine, Game Ready’s active compression squeezes greater benefits out of cold therapy. The machine’s air-filled wraps conform to an individual’s body, providing better surface contact, which reduces inflammation and speeds healing. “Let me tell you, when your therapy session is over, you really look forward to your 10 minutes on the Game Ready,” King said.

King donated to the OLBH Foundation a portion of his settlement package from the sale of Town Square Bank, where King worked more than 35 years, to City National Bank. “I wanted the Vitality Center to be able to purchase an additional Game Ready,” King said of the equipment that had benefited him. Both the rehab and foundation staffs are grateful of King’s generosity even as King himself continues to reflect gratitude back to the hospital and its staff. “I really love OLBH; it has a good wholesome feel and I really appreciate its mission,” King said.

Grateful patients can learn more about supporting OLBH by contacting the Foundation at (606) 833-3653.