Women's Center Adds 3D Mammography; New System Offers Patient-Assisted Compression

Monday, April 16, 2018

Bon Secours Kentucky Health System has added three-dimensional mammography capabilities at the OLBH Women’s Center.  The new mammography equipment from GE also features Pristina Dueta, the first system that allows for patient-assisted compression during a mammogram.

The OLBH Women’s Center’s new imaging system creates a three-dimensional picture of the breast using X-rays. Low-doses of radiation are used to capture images from different angles around the breast to create the 3-D image. A conventional mammogram creates a two-dimensional image of the breast from two X-ray images of each breast. Studies have indicated 3-D mammograms find more cancers than the traditional method while also reducing the number of false positives.

In addition to superior imaging quality and diagnostic capabilities, mammograms at the OLBH Women’s Center are now even more comfortable thanks to Pristina Dueta, a patient-assisted compression device. Studies revealed that 80 percent of women who utilized patient-assisted compression reported a more comfortable exam because of the sense of control they had over their mammograms.

“When a woman has control of her exam, it leads to less anxiety for the patient and better results because a more relaxed patient will provide us with more breast tissue imaged,” said OLBH Director of Radiology Terri Hannon. “We receive comparable images to those mammograms where our technologists are controlling the entire exam, with the added-advantage of the patient minimizing any perceived discomfort. It’s a real game-changer in mammography.”

Since opening a decade ago, the OLBH Women’s Center, located on the ground floor of Bellefonte Centre (1000 Ashland Drive), has combined breast health services in one location, eliminating the necessity for multiple appointments and prolonged waiting for women. The OLBH Women’s Center offers both 2-D and 3-D mammography with same-day results, breast ultrasound, minimally invasive breast biopsy, a DEXA densitometer to screen for bone density, genetic testing, clinical breast exams, a women’s health library, the OLBH Women’s Center Boutique and a breast health navigator to guide patients and families through the process.

Women can schedule a mammogram at the OLBH Women’s Center by calling (606) 836-PINK (7465) or online utilizing MyChart.