Genetic Testing

OLBH offers genetic counseling and testing services for cancer care patients by an advanced practice clinician specially trained in cancer and genetics. Researchers have identified specific inherited factors, or genes that can be a part of the development of cancers.  These genes can be tested for changes or mutations that put individuals at an increased risk for developing certain cancers. Knowing your risk based on these test results allows us to develop an individualized and patient driven plan to provide the best cancer care possible. 

Not everyone needs genetic testing so genetic counseling helps identify who qualifies for testing, explains risk factors, and how genetics contribute to cancer. A thorough personal and family history is gathered to help explain how cancer can run in a family and identify possible syndromes that contribute to cancer. Genetic counseling also helps identify who would benefit the most from testing and identify helpful resources.

Call (606) 833-2125 for information concerning genetic testing at OLBH or email the OLBH CareLine.