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Pediatric Care at OLBH
Having a child in the hospital is a natural cause for anxiety. OLBH’s Pediatric Department can help make your child's hospital stay as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

The health care professionals that comprise the department understand parents only trust their children to the best of care. OLBH’s pediatric staff includes board certified pediatricians and experienced nurses, most of whom have obtained their nationally recognized Pediatric Nursing Certification. All of OLBH’s pediatric nurses are trained and experienced in caring for children in all stages of development.

The department was specially designed to accommodate the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families. The department’s private rooms are designed for parents to stay comfortably overnight with children. The department also offers video games and child-friendly décor.

Pediatric Rehabilitation
At OLBH Pediatric Rehabilitation, our goal is to ensure kids do what they do best: be kids.

Pediatric Rehabilitation, located inside the Human Motion Vitality Center on the OLBH campus, offers comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation programs designed with your child in mind. Children in OLBH’s Pediatric Rehabilitation program can achieve their highest potential through therapeutic play and structured fun activities. Therapy services are provided in a collaborative, family friendly environment using a variety of therapies. 

Services offered include:
Diagnostic evaluations for children having trouble with the normal developmental process, have identified disabilities, or are experiencing learning problems.
Treatment and referral services for all children
Multidisciplinary assessments
Sensory integration treatments

Therapies offered include:
Pediatric Speech Therapy- Speech therapy addresses issues of articulation, verbal expression, comprehension, voice fluency, and feeding and swallowing as these issues relate to functional communication skills and disorders.
Occupational Therapy- The facility’s occupational therapy services focus on the underlying components of development in children for their occupation: play. The occupational therapy staff facilitates independence by addressing motor skill development, handwriting/education, behavior, activities of daily living (dressing, feeding, etc.) and sensory integration.
Physical Therapy- The pediatric physical therapy services of the facility address issues of gross motor development, muscle tone and strength, posture, gait, neuromuscular function, endurance, and other physical conditions related to mobility and quality of movement.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, talk to a family doctor or pediatrician about a referral to OLBH’s Pediatric Rehabilitation or contact the facility Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at (606) 833-3527 or by emailing the OLBH CareLine.


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