Telehealth Monitoring

Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency is dedicated to providing peace of mind to patients. Never has that been more possible than today, with OLBH providing telehealth monitoring of clients. Remote monitoring allows OLBH staff to keep daily watch on the vital signs of patients even on the days when no home visit for the monitored patients are planned.

Using telehealth technology and a device that looks a lot like an alarm clock, Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency staff keep up with patients and detect issues before they become problems. Telehealth allows staff to closely monitor patients who are at high risk for hospitalization.

The units verbally remind patients to allow the machine to check their blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation. Results of the testing are then retrieved and analyzed by the Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency staff. If a staff member notices an issue with the results, the patient is called and is asked to retest. If the second test also shows abnormal results, the patient’s physician is immediately contacted. There is no additional cost for the monitoring to Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency’s clients.

Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency staff visits most homes an average of three times a week, but now patients can feel reassured knowing they’re being monitored at other times as well. For more information, call (606) 833-3545.