Spine Care

At OLBH, preventing and providing relief for back pain and spinal disorders is a specialty. OLBH’s clinical experts establish an accurate diagnosis quickly and develop a plan of care that fits the needs of each patient suffering from a spinal injury or pain. It is OLBH’s practice to exhaust every appropriate treatment option before considering surgery. However, when a problem is not corrected with prescribed rest, exercise, conditioning programs, or physical therapy, further diagnostic testing may be employed to precisely identify the key factors causing the patient's discomfort. If an interventional procedure becomes the right choice, OLBH’s team is trained to effectively correct problems related to:

Traumatic and overuse injuries to the spine  
Spinal deformities both acquired and congenital  
Whiplash injuries  
Systemic diseases affecting spinal function  
Degenerative spinal conditions  
Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis  
 Soft tissue sprains, strains and contusions  
Work-related back pain  
Mechanical back dysfunction  
Fractures, dislocations and subluxations


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