Vendor Check-in

OLBH has expanded the vendor compliance program with SymplrPass check-in stations. Check-in statlons have been placed in the front circle lobby and at the entryway to the emergency room. SymplrPass check-in stations make the process less complicated for vendor representatives, Vendors open the Symplr mobile app on their smartphones, enter check-in details, scan the SymplrCode, and print a day pass. All vendors that come on site are required to register with the Symplr Credentialing Service.

ln order to meet the recommendations and expectations of The Joint Commission and to promote safety at OLBH, all vendors must sign up immediately. Any vendor representative/technician observed not following the requirements of this policy must be informed of the appropriate procedures. OLBH employees are not to agree to meet with any veniior representative that does not properly display a Symplr day pass. lf a Symplr day pass is not properly displayed upon arrival to the department, the vendor representative needs to be directed immediately to the check-in stations.

lnformation for vendors regarding initial vendor processing:
1. Sign up as a New Vendor at
2, Send appropriate files and other credential verification to Symplr
3. Vendors will receive an lD badge within a few days after an account is activated.

New vendor representatives and service technicians will have a 30 day grace period to turn in their documents to Symplr once they register.