Bon Secours and DispatchHealth Announce Partnership to Transform On-Demand Urgent Care in Richmond

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Innovative on-demand health care at home, work or a patient’s place of need

Richmond, Va., (Nov. 16, 2017) – As a market leader in health care innovation, Bon Secours Richmond Health System is pleased to announce a partnership with DispatchHealth to provide on-demand urgent care to Richmond residents. The partnership will help to transform health care in Richmond by expanding access to care and providing a more consumer friendly delivery of care.

Consumers can call, go to a website or access a free mobile app to request care in their home, place of work or place of need. The medical team arrives in a co-branded Bon Secours -DispatchHealth vehicle equipped with advanced treatment capabilities, all of which are equal to or provide more equipment when compared to an urgent care center. The medical teams are emergency-medicine trained providers with advanced in-home treatment capabilities such as on-site suturing, stapling, IV fluids, IV medication administration, catheter insertion, lab testing, rapid infectious disease testing, g-tube reinsertion, wound care, and much more.

“Through our partnership with DispatchHealth, we are providing patients with extended health care access, the convenience of receiving urgent care at home or at work, and we are decreasing out-of-pocket costs associated with unnecessary ER visits,” said Toni R. Ardabell, CEO, Bon Secours Virginia Health System. “This new service complements innovative programs such as Bon Secours 24/7, our virtual doctor’s appointment,  and it expands the health system’s ability to meet the health care needs of the on-demand consumer while also addressing  the transportation challenges of people in need.”

Following treatment by DispatchHealth medical providers, prescriptions are electronically sent to the patient’s pharmacy, updates are sent to the patient’s physician, and billing is coordinated with the patient’s health insurance company. Medical services needed beyond the mobile unit’s capabilities are referred to the nearest Bon Secours facility or the facility of choice for the patient.

“DispatchHealth was designed to improve access to care, improve the patient experience and decrease the overall cost of care. Providing on-demand urgent care in the home not only helps patients with their acute medical needs, but it also gives further insight into a patient’s environment that is not available in a traditional care setting. This insight can help a care team address and solve social determinants of health that may impede the healing, health and wellbeing of the patient,” said Kevin Riddleberger, co-founder and chief strategy officer, DispatchHealth. “We are excited to partner with such a forward-thinking health system and look forward to executing on our joint goal of improved health outcomes for Richmond citizens.”

DispatchHealth in Partnership with Bon Secours is currently available in Richmond and the surrounding counties from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year. Patients can request care by calling (804) 495-0053, using the free mobile app, or at