Bon Secours Chaplains

At Bon Secours, we are committed to helping people to wholeness. Our holistic approach to patient care makes us unique. Because of this approach, our chaplains are an integral part of the health care team. They minister to patients and families in a way that is respectful of each person’s experience of spirituality, faith, or religious expression.

Chaplains are companions on a journey with patients, families, and staff, pondering some of the deeper questions of life and of death. Spiritual care can provide calm and a caring presence in anxious times, or it may involve prayer, scripture reading, or other religious support. It may also include crisis intervention, ethical, and theological guidance for end-of-life issues, and contacting community clergy on behalf of patients and families.

Bon Secours chaplains are either ordained ministers or lay leaders endorsed in pastoral care ministry.All have a master’s degree in divinity or theology and training in clinical pastoral education. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, upon request from a patient, family member, or medical staff member.

When Should You Call a Chaplain?

  • When a patient, family member, or staff is in need of empathetic support
  • During times of crisis and change, such as with a new diagnosis
  • To address end-of-life issues
  • To assist with religious needs including prayers and rituals
  • To complete an Advance Medical Directive

How to Reach Us

To page a chaplain at any time, call: 804-287-PRAY (7729)

To reach the Pastoral Care office at any of our facilities, call 804-285-2011 and our operators will assist you.

Volunteer Opportunities

To learn how to become a Spiritual Care Partner, call 804-281-8393 or email