Palliative Care

Bon Secours Palliative Medicine provides specialized palliative (pal-lee-uh-tiv) care for patients and families living with cancer to ensure they get the best care possible.

What does palliative care address?

  • Care decisions including open discussions about treatment choices and advance care planning
  • Overwhelming symptoms such as pain, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite
  • Psychosocial distress that may include anxiety, fears, spiritual tension
  • End-stage disease with a focus on the entire well-being of the person and family

Where is palliative care offered?

Bon Secours Palliative Medicine offers services in the office setting, hospital, cancer center, or home, depending on what your needs are.

Our office locations are:

St. Francis Medical Center
14051 St. Francis Blvd.
Midlothian, Va. 23114

St. Mary's Hospital
5855 Bremo Road, MOB North, Suite 403
Richmond, Va. 23226

Who provides palliative care?

It is provided by an interdisciplinary team of board-certified physicians, palliative-care certified advanced practice nurses, clinical social workers and other specialists who work hand in hand with your cancer team.

How is palliative care different from hospice?

Both palliative care and hospice focus on quality of life. Palliative care is provided alongside all other medical treatments as an extra layer of support for people with any stage of cancer. Hospice care is a specific type pf palliative care that is provided after disease-directed cancer therapy is no longer a part of treatment and cancer has become life-limiting.

How do I get palliative care?

Health care professionals typically welcome the support and information palliative care specialists provide and can connect you with these resources. Ask your oncology team for a referral or call 804-288-COPE (2673).

Where can I learn more?

Visit our website at

Additionally, you can visit the Cancer Action Network or American Cancer Society and to learn more about palliative care specifically. An online tool that helps prepare you for talking with your doctors about your quality of life and decision making is also available at


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