Arrange a Transport

Note: Only medical providers can arrange a transport via the One Call service.

Phone: 1-800-806-2236
Fax: 1-800-908-6862

How One Call Works:

  • Any acute-care facility within the Bon Secours Virginia Health System or any acute-care facility in or outside of Virginia may initiate the One Call Transfer Center by calling: 1-800-806-2236
  • Each referral and consult is documented in detail, and all communication is recorded and archived. All documentation is available to the health care provider.
  • All referrals require a physician-to-physician consult to discuss the condition of the patient prior to acceptance. Such calls will be facilitated by the One Call technician.

When you call the Transfer Center, the Transfer Center Coordinator will:

  • Collect patient information such as name, condition, service requested, referring physician’s name and referring hospital
  • Page the physician who is on call for the service being requested
  • Facilitate a consult between the referring and receiving physicians

If the patient is accepted, the Transfer Center will:

  • Assist with transportation arrangements either by ground or air
  • Coordinate nursing unit and bed arrangements for the patient
  • Facilitate the transmission of necessary paperwork and medical documents
  • Notify referring physician once the patient arrives at the hospital (if requested)

When contacting One Call, you or your designate should provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Referring physician and/or hospital
  • Phone number
  • Service needed
  • Patient name
  • Basic condition