Pain Management

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects approximately 100 million Americans. Sometimes the cause is evident—such as pain from migraine, arthritis or nerve damage—and sometimes it is unknown. As many as 20 to 40 percent of patients with neurological disorders also experience chronic pain.

The Bon Secours Neuroscience Center for Pain Management provides treatments for all types of pain, including joint, back, neck, face and head pain. The Institute’s experienced neurologists are specially trained in pain medicine and apply innovative methods to manage and relieve pain.

For patients who are experiencing chronic pain due to spinal conditions, our interventional pain management specialists can perform diagnostic nerve blocks to determine the source of the pain and follow up with other procedures that will potentially reduce the pain for a much longer period of time.

Procedures to relieve chronic pain include:

• Injections for chronic hip, buttock, back, neck, and pinched nerve pain and muscle spasms.
• Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to treat sensory nerves in a specific location and reduce or relieve pain for four to eight months.
• Spinal cord stimulation trials for patients with persistent, radiating arm or leg pain, chronic back pain after back surgery, diabetic nerve pain and other conditions.
• Nerve block therapies for severe headaches.