Uncovering Emotional Triggers

Before you can understand how to lose weight, you need to understand which physical and emotional triggers pushed you into weight gain in the first place. Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss plan helps you change your relationship with food from one of emotional triggers to one that looks at food for its healthy and nutritious benefits.

Breaking Down Destructive Habits

There’s much more to losing weight than just diet and exercise. You have to change how you think about food. What emotions lead you to this point? We’ll help you develop real, workable strategies for dealing with:

  • Loneliness – Perhaps your social life isn’t as active as you’d like, or you’ve recently separate from your spouse or live too far from family. Eating becomes a substitute for companionship.
  • Boredom – There’s nothing else to do, so why not eat? For those who keep hectic work schedules and little time for relaxation, eating may result from the need to do something for yourself.
  • Anger – You want to vent, but rather than take your anger out for a long, cooling walk you head for the refrigerator.
  • Frustration – For many, food serves as a balm we think will solve our problems. On “The Golden Girls,” the main characters often shared a cheesecake during times of stress – not necessarily the best coping method.

When you’re lonely or bored, food becomes a great friend that is always there. You may be seeking comfort in your old habits. When you’re angry or frustrated, food is a reward. A treat that you “earned by being good” in other areas of your life.

Food can’t fix you or break you. All it can, and should, do is fuel you.

Through the Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss program, you’ll learn how to distinguish between biological and psychological hunger. You’ll develop skills that will allow you to freely socialize and celebrate with friends instead of relying solely on food to bring you comfort.  We’ll help you address food issues that have been weighing you down and show you how to build healthy, happy relationships that include but aren’t dependent on food.

You can break your destructive cycle of eating once and for all.

Ready to get started? Contact us right now at 804-287-4528 and we’ll start your evaluation. You have nothing to lose but the weight!