Women's Services

Bon Secours for Women is by women, for women.

Almost 85 percent of those of us who work for Bon Secours are daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and grandmothers like you. We are physicians, secretaries, nurses, administrators, housekeepers, dietitians and therapists. From our child-care centers to our senior living facilities, Bon Secours recognizes the key role of women, in families and in the community. While Bon Secours gets top marks for pregnancy and birthing care, we know that complete health care for women goes well beyond the child-bearing years.

We have provided these pages to help you locate the resources you or someone you love may need to learn about our medical facilities, tests and services, and more importantly, to learn about the people who will make up your care team. At Bon Secours, care goes beyond medical training and equipment. We use our training and equipment to provide gentle, compassionate care to you and your family.