Green Initiatives

Bon Secours embraces ecological stewardship as an essential part of caring for all of God’s creations and as an integral part of advancing the healing mission of Jesus to bring individuals and communities to health and wholeness.

The organization focuses its efforts on three programming pillars: Recycling, Regulated Medical Waste and Energy Conservation.  Since the program’s inception, recycling has increased 90%, regulated medical waste was decreased 69% and energy has achieved a 2.5% site EUI reduction.  Bon Secours has embraced a culture of sustainability and continues to strengthen the connection between the health of individuals, communities and the environment in its services.

Bon Secours facilities have received over 60 Practice Green Health Awards- the premier national environmental organization for leaders in healthcare sustainability-reflecting an overwhelming recognition of the reduction in the system’s carbon footprint.

Going Green

In 2013, Bon Secours St. Petersburg Health System was awarded the Partner for Change award from Practice Greenhealth – the leading organization working to decrease the environmental degradation caused by the healthcare industry.

We were recognized for our efforts in increasing recycling and reducing the disposal of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) as a percentage of total waste. At Bon Secours St. Petersburg, we have begun the process of replacing toxic cleaning agents with effective yet less environmentally harmful products. Lastly, we have invited caregivers at all levels to enter into a covenant to reduce consumption and reuse items wherever and whenever possible within the limits of appropriate healthcare operations. At Bon Secours St. Petersburg, we are providing Good Help to the environment.