Volunteer with Hospice

reading to person in wheelchair
Volunteers are invaluable members of the hospice team. They provide direct and indirect support to hospice patients and families. Hospice volunteers play an important role in helping caregivers assist loved ones with life limiting conditions. Volunteers provide aid, companionship and a sympathetic ear. Besides directly aiding patients and families, volunteers also participate in Bon Secours Hospice with community outreach, education and office duties. They also help with special events and serve as speakers and educators.
Many volunteers in the past have stated that hospice care is their calling. Below is a list of all volunteer opportunities. Those positions that require direct contact with hospice patients and families will be marked with asterisks (*).

Patient and Family Support Volunteers*
These volunteers work directly with patients and go through training equivalent to 15 hours. The role of the patient and family volunteer is to provide a break for the caregivers. The number one task you perform is just "being yourself." You read books, watch movies, and many times just listen to the patient. 

Bereavement Volunteers*

Bereavement volunteers assess how family members are coping with the loss of their loved one; either in person or on the phone. All bereavement volunteers require 3 hours of training prior to making visits.

Special Project Volunteers
Performing minor house maintenance and landscaping for hospice families can be a huge relief. With so much going on, sometimes just having fewer duties can be a real help. No training or prior experience is required to be a special project volunteer. These events are usually scheduled for the weekends. These volunteers are given a general location and a list of expected activities via e-mail. If a volunteer is interested they then call the Volunteer Coordinator for an exact location.

These volunteers provide haircuts, manicures, and pedicures to patients and family members who are confined to their homes. To volunteer in this capacity you must be a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Virginia and show proof of certification upon application.

Healing Touch Practitioners*
This element of our program is fairly new. We currently have one practitioner involved with providing healing touch sessions to patients and family members in the home. However, the demand for complementary therapies is growing. Volunteers must be certified Healing Touch Practitioners in the state of Virginia and will have to show proof upon applying to this opportunity. 

Massage Therapists*
Volunteer massage therapists also provide their services to patients and families in their homes. Volunteers must be certified in Massage Therapy in the state of Virginia and prepare to show proof of their certification upon application.

Administrative Volunteers
These indispensable helpers keep things going behind the scenes. Some of the responsibilities include filing, data entry, and organization of the volunteer office.

No experience is needed as Bon Secours Hospice offers volunteer training. You can download our Hospice Volunteer Application and submit it to HospiceVolunteerHR@bshsi.org or speak directly with the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator at 757-391-6017.